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BCI was founded in 1959. Our celebrated history rests upon the foundation of People, Partnerships, Community. Every day we are setting the standard for socially conscious and business focused success—a success that we fully attribute to the individuals that make up the BCI team.  


Our greatest assets are our employees. We are proud to provide jobs and opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in St. Charles and Lincoln Counties. Our focus is on abilities. Our Employment Continuum provides meaningful and fulfilling employment for men and women—where they are today, where they can be tomorrow, and all the unique journeys in between. 


Our business model is mission driven. We are an efficient and cost-effective option for companies that are looking for an outsourced solution to their business needs. As BCI has grown, so has our range of services. We are constantly innovating in an attempt to better assist our customers.  


As a social enterprise, BCI has embraced a dual mission,

focused on both our social and business objectives to meet our vision. 

To enrich the lives of adults with disabilities and their families by providing a choice of fulfilling work along a continuum of employment opportunities.

 To provide human resources and manage logistics to deliver superior value-added processing for our customers through partnership based on trust, quality, reliability and flexibility

When both missions are met we achieve our vision:  
All people have the opportunity to achieve their potential and find purpose in meaningful employment


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