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Competitive Employment

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities can be very successful in competitive workplaces. The competitive employment Program at BCI helps individuals enter the local workforce by providing services and removing barriers that oftentimes hinder them from finding or keeping a job.


Competitive employment is for individuals who want to work alongside non-disabled individuals while earning the same opportunities, benefits, and pay. Competitive employment is a large and vital part of the continuum of services we provide.

Through this program, we empower people to successfully claim their place in the local workforce. With a constant focus on long-term goals, we embrace innovative methods. We work with our clients to create goals, ready skills, and seek opportunities. Once employment is secured, we remain available for follow-along support as needed.

Competitive Employment at BCI

Competitive Employment at BCI

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For those just starting out on their competitive employment journey, taking the first step can often be the hardest part—but we are here to help! We match skills and interests with instruction and opportunities to set a course for success. Each person receives an individualized plan to explore, secure, and succeed in the competitive position of their choice. 

Our team works one-on-one with adults with disabilities and empowers them throughout every stage of the hiring and employment process, from job training and placement to providing ongoing support. This enables us to ensure placements continue to be a good match and meet the needs of both the employee and the business. Permanent and mutually gratifying employment is the goal!


For those who want a more direct path to competitive employment, attending the BCI Skills Center may be the best option. With a variety of vocational programs available, people can choose the one that best meets their skills, interests, and career goals. We partner with forward-thinking businesses to create our programs, which builds real opportunities for meaningful, immediate work. Students are also taught the soft skills that are critical to sustained employment.  

Our entire center is designed to build skills, instill confidence, and eliminate unknowns. After training, students move straight into the integrated workforce where they earn a competitive wage and are ready to succeed.


Once competitive employment is secured, we work with Vocational Rehabilitation and other agencies to ensure it remains productive and enjoyable. We offer on-the-job coaching, retention, and follow-along services. Our employment specialists are present at key junctures, for as much or as little time as needed, to ensure success.


BCI is dedicated to finding the right career path for each individu­al, providing a variety of programs tailored to match each interest and ability. BCI’s Competitive Employment Program began in 2009. Each year, it positively impacts the lives of approximately 75 men and women with disabilities and their families. We serve people with Autism, Down Syndrome, Spina Bifida, ADD/ADHD, Epilepsy, and other disabilities.


Our mission is to provide choices along a continuum of employment and training opportunities. In addition to our Competitive Employment program, BCI offers vocational training for people with disabilities through our Skills Center in St. Peters, as well as Organizational Employment at our packaging facilities in St. Charles and Lincoln Counties.

For more information about competitive employment services, email or call 636-978-4300.

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