BCI may have a long and distinguished history as a sheltered workshop, but we have grown to be so much more. Every day we see how meaningful work impacts the lives of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Every day we see that they are skilled, dependable, engaged, and motivated. We know they can do more, and we have a plan to help get them there, if and when they’re ready. It's called the Employment Continuum.


Our Employment Continuum reflects our knowledge that every person has his or her own unique abilities, and that every person can contribute. The Continuum contains unique programs to serve individual goals. It also focuses on full employment and provides ongoing support so people may gain access to the employment of their choice and ability. Through continuous evaluation and skill development, they may move into any number of employment opportunities. Using our skills and expertise to support people with disabilities who want to work, there is no better phrase for us to hear than, “They’re hired!”

Organizational Employment

BCI’s Organizational Employment Services Program offers paid jobs in a supported environment with continuous opportunities to advance. Organizational employees work on location at BCI in St. Peters or Lincoln County with our Employment Support Specialists. Doing business as BCI Packaging, our whole team takes great pride in seeing the goods we have packaged on the store shelves.

Competitive Employment

BCI’s Competitive Employment Services Program connects people to area jobs where they earn the same pay, benefits, and responsibilities as non-disabled team members. Working at these companies allows them to showcase their capabilities, character, and commitment to excellence! We work with our clients to create goals, ready skills, and seek opportunities. Once employment is secured, we remain available for follow-up support as needed. 

Vocational Training

The BCI Skills Center is a first-of-its-kind vocational training facility for adults with disabilities. The Skills Center offers three programs—Salesforce, Manufacturing, and Hospitality Housekeeping. We partner with forward-thinking businesses and employers to create exact curriculums. We also teach in replica work settings to provide hands-on learning. Once training is complete, students move straight into the workforce.


The Continuum meets people where they are today, where they can be tomorrow, and all the unique journeys in between. To learn more about how BCI and the Continuum might benefit you or your loved one, email info@boonecenter.com or call 636-978-4300.


You can also click the button below to explore current openings for BCI Staff and through our Organizational Employment Program.

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