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Franzi Retires After 49 Years of Service to Region ranks Missouri as a leader in providing “community living standards for Americans living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” Former president of BCI Packaging and Boone Center Incorporated, Fulvio Franzi, has worked for over 49 years in Missouri helping build the model that is sought after in many states.

Fulvio Franzi began his mission to help adults with disabilities as a Technical Field Supervisor for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education; Office of Special Education, Extended Employment Sheltered Workshop Section. During this time, Franzi took an underfunded budget and maintained state regulatory oversight, technical assistance to workshop managers, and provision of training in areas of safety and federal compliance to 33 workshop corporation with approximately 3,000 employees located in the eastern part of Missouri.

In 1982, Franzi became president of BCI Packaging, a nonprofit organization providing jobs and employment options for adults with disabilities. BCI Packaging is regarded as the “gold standard” in Missouri for their safe and fulfilling services to St. Charles County, Lincoln County, and the entire St. Louis metropolitan area. In 2006, Franzi became the director for the Extended Employment Sheltered Workshop Program for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. As director, Franzi administered the Missouri Extended Employment Sheltered Workshop program consisting of 89 workshop corporations with over 6,800 employees with disabilities. Franzi advocated on a state and national level for the preservation, need, viability of the Extended Employment Sheltered Workshop program for persons with severe disabilities, and promoted collaborative initiatives with various state and federal agencies.

“Sometimes we think adults with disabilities cannot contribute to society,” says Franzi. “The Missouri workshop model for adults with disabilities provides a meaningful and dignified occupation that is based on a person’s willingness and ability to be a contributing member of the community.”

Tony Spielberg, current President of BCI Packaging and Boone Center Incorporated, says “this man set the standard and helped create the Missouri model for employment assistance services to adults with disabilities. BCI and the entire community is very thankful to Fulvio Franzi for his dedication to all adults with intellectual disabilities. He will be missed.”

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