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  • Katie Jones

Creating Opportunities

Members of the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce visited BCI in November 2016 for a Networking Coffee.

What an exciting time for BCI! Looking back at 2016, we have had such an opportunity to build new relationships. As Major Michelle stated, BCI is St. Charles’s “Best kept secret”.

Have you toured BCI and seen it in action? Twenty lines of production between our two facilities, packaging and assembling everyday products by adults with disabilities. The happiest workforce around or as most of our guests have stated… “simply amazing”.

Who are our guests? The past couple months we have had the honor to boasts our abilities to McCaskills staffers, Paraquad, Senator Bob Onders office, Senator Bill Eigel, Mr. John Hancock, Congressman Gregg Harper, the PLB of St. Louis, St. Peters Board of Alderman, multiple sheltered workshops and equally important, new families.

Legislatively, we will continue to engage and show the importance of opportunity and choice in employment on a local and federal level. BCI is transparent and supportive to all other entities that want to incorporate a higher standard in employment.

There is no, “one size fits all” system. Each person (disability or not) is unique with their talents and needs. BCI appreciates these values and in addition to facility and community employment we are incorporating the Skills Center in 2017.

An innovative approach to encompass each person’s distinctive abilities in a variety of vocational fields, The Skills Center will assist students in discovering their talents. Specifically, for those students who have been denied acceptance due to more significant needs. In addition, adults of all ages will have the opportunity to be trained, certified and placed in an employment field.

Employing over 400 people, BCI’s mission continues to stay strong. We will create opportunities, provide dignity and meaningful employment to youth and adults all while being an asset to our community.

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