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  • Jack Guthrie, Chief Operations Officer

Onward and Upward

BCI Packaging has been going through some exciting changes lately in its ongoing efforts to enhance its social mission that provides work for adults with disabilities while providing businesses with quality services that range from inspection, rework, and customized packaging for a wide range of products to light manufacturing. We have recently changed the layout in our 50,000 SF production / warehouse building to improve the flow and efficiencies on our 17 production lines. As we physically moved production lines around we also recognized the need to add or replace equipment to support the increasing demands and growth of our current customers while looking to the future for the needs and wants of potential customers. In recent months we bought new forklifts that are wired to utilize new tablets that were purchased for scanning of products into inventory locations so as to better track inventory movements through our computer system. Also included in recent equipment purchases is a new bundler for increased capacity and reliability, semi-automatic side taper, ink jet coders, pouch sealing machines, label application equipment, all serving needs that helped us take on projects that we could not have done prior.

Part of the enhancements yet to be completed are changing around our finished goods and raw material warehouse for better utilization of space and moving our shipping office from the back of the building to an area in the front of our facility. BCI currently has inbound and outbound shipments that utilize 14 dock doors in two different buildings. The current layout causes a tremendous traffic jam as drivers pull their trucks around the back of the building looking for direction on where to go for loading and unloading. With the new layout drivers will have to check in out front, get direction and then access will be allowed through safety lift gates thus providing a safer environment for our employees and better organization of our inbound and outbound shipments.

In BCI’s continuing improvement process plans for our plants we will be providing our employees with a safer work environment and when completed will have more efficient facilities that will provide quality products and services at competitive prices for our customers.

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