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  • Katie Jones

Political Updates: What You Can Do to Support BCI's Mission

Many of you saw BCI on Fox2 news. The story, in two segments, showed the importance of “Sheltered workshops” and an opposite opinion. The second segment was parents reaction to the opposite opinion and why employment is more than a paycheck to their children.

I can’t tell you enough, what an amazing family we have at BCI! The story was published on Fox2’s website and shared on BCI’s Facebook. Over 300,00 people viewed the feature and most responses (thanks to your support) were positive, heartfelt and intelligent. BCI will continue telling the importance of options in employment for adults with disabilities. Each of us choose employment for different reasons, disability or not. The past couple months we have had Representative’s Nick Schroer and Robert Cornejo at BCI. Senator Eigel’s office is scheduled for a tour in March. All have expressed their support for BCI.

Many parents (even out of state) are asking what they can do to help support BCI’s mission.

  • Talk to your friends/neighbors/ co-workers, invite them in for tours of BCI. Our open house is a great opportunity for this on March 27th.

  • Share your resources. I have been privileged to have parents make me aware of political events/news stories/ campaigns… the more the better and we can share this information.

  • Use social media. It’s such a powerful tool when our employees and parents advocate and respond. Please follow the BCI facebook page or if you have suggestions on posting material outside of social media (or different outlets) please let me know what those are.

  • Research advocacy groups and organizations that support people with disabilities. Feel confident to ask the tough questions such as, “Do you support my employment”. You may be surprised who may say no.

The news story created fear that BCI will close immediately. I feel, with the support we have and as progressive as BCI is with our options of competitive employment we will be a viable option of work. The TIME act has not been reissued for 2017.

There are advocacy groups with a wealth of financial support that disagree with “sheltered” extended employment. As we move forward, we will educate and in the most positive manner let our community and legislators know how vital BCI is to our employees, families and community. Thank you again for all your hard work!

Upcoming Events: March 10th: Vocational Rehabilitation Hearing on Public Services (St. Louis) March 15th: Jefferson City: Disabilities Rights Legislative Day

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