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BCI To Host Special Olympics USA Games Send-Off Event

The 2018 Special Olympics USA Games will bring 3,500 athletes to the greater Seattle area

Boone Center Inc. (BCI) will host the Special Olympics send-off event for the athletes of Team Missouri on Friday, June 29. The event will take place at the organization’s St. Peters facility located at 200 Trade Center Drive. Guests will enjoy a recognition ceremony, DJ, appetizers, and games.

Every four years, Special Olympics coordinates a national summer games in the United States, which includes athletes from all 52 U.S. Programs. BCI has two employees participating in the games—Nick M., for golf, and Libby W., for swimming.

Both Nick and Libby have been to the USA Games before, and they are overjoyed for their return. When Libby W. talked about her opportunity to attend again, her eyes lit up in excitement.

“I’ve been swimming for a while, and I like it a lot,” Libby said. “I’m really excited to see my coach, Amy, and the friends I made there last time.”

Nick M. echoed Libby’s excitement. He said that he made many friends at the USA Games in the past and cannot wait to spend time with and compete against them again this year.

Tony Spielberg, CEO of BCI, is thrilled to have two members of the BCI family participating.

“Having world class athletes like Libby and Nick takes our obsession with the National Special Olympic Games to a whole new level here at BCI,” Spielberg said. “Not only are we proud of our two superstars for accomplishing great things in the world of sports, but we are even more proud of these two for living the lives of truly balanced human beings.”

BCI is looking forward to hosting the send-off event and getting to see all of the athletes prepare to bring home the gold.

Nick M., Missouri golfer, Special Olympics USA Games 2018
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