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  • Dee Gerstenkorn, VP Marketing

Governor Mike Parson Tours BCI, Speaks with Leadership

ST. PETERS, MO - Governor Mike Parson visited Boone Center, Inc. (BCI) today where he met with key leadership and toured the packaging facility that employs 200 adults with disabilities.

"Governor Parson believes the people of Missouri are eager for new solutions in workforce development, which couldn't fit more with our mission," said BCI CEO, Tony Spielberg. "We look forward to working with Governor Parson and the Missouri legislature to advance opportunities for people with disabilities."

In addition to touring the packaging plant, home to BCI's Organization Employment program, the group also discussed BCI's Community Employment program and the newly opened Skills Center. Both are designed for people with disabilities who want to enter the competitive job market.

"The Skills Center is the latest example of how we're connecting able people with open jobs," said Spielberg. "We know the difference they can and will make in Missouri's workforce development efforts."

Also in attendance at the Governor's visit were Senator Bill Eigel, Representative Nick Schroer, Representative Phil Christofanelli, Representative Adam Schnelting, and Representative Chrissy Sommer.

Governor Parson was impressed with the number of local officials in attendance, stating that it showed how much BCI means to its community.

About BCI Boone Center, Inc. (BCI) works to enrich the lives of adults with disabilities and their families by providing a choice of productive and fulfilling employment. BCI was founded in 1959 by two women driven by a desire to better serve employment needs for individuals with disabilities. Now in its 60th year, the organization employs 250 adults with disabilities at its two packaging facilities and another 50 through its Community Employment Program. The nonprofit is a national advocate for employment and vocational training for people with disabilities. BCI’s Employment Continuum Model focuses on full employment that provides ongoing support to gain access to the job of their choice and ability. BCI’s most recent innovation was the opening of its Skills Center in January 2019. This first-of-its-kind vocational training facility was another big step in BCI’s “inclusion revolution.”

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