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  • Dee Gerstenkorn

BCI Approved to Offer $241,000 in Missouri Tax Credits

Boone Center, Inc. (BCI) —a nonprofit that supports people with disabilities through employment opportunities—has been approved by the Missouri Department of Economic Development to leverage up to $241,000 in Missouri Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) tax credits. For eligible businesses and individuals who support BCI with a monetary donation, NAP credits are worth 50% of their gift and, in addition to state and federal standard deductions, directly reduce the amount of tax they owe.

NAP is a contribution tax credit program designed to improve communities through public-private partnership. Approved applicants such as BCI are allocated tax credits to attract eligible donors to fund an approved project that addresses a critical need. BCI’s project is the renovation of its secondary warehouse facility in order to expand services and offer employment to 48 more adults with disabilities.

“We have a waiting list of people with disabilities who want a chance to work,” said Social Mission Director Katie Jones, “and our community will greatly benefit from this. We provide a starting block and teach people the soft skills they need to be successful. We are placing 5-10 people into the competitive work market each month, and even with that movement along our employment continuum, we still have people waiting for their chance to learn and grow. This project will give people that chance.”

Eligible NAP donors are most often businesses. However, certain individuals are eligible as well including those who operate a sole proprietorship or farm, those who have rental property or royalty income, or those who are shareholders in S-corporations, partners in a partnership, or members of a limited liability corporation.

“With NAP, you can make a big impact on your community while reducing your taxes,” Jones added, “so as everyone manages their finances and charitable giving, we just ask you to keep our mission and this valuable program in mind.”

For more information, call Cindy Bernsen at (636) 875-5220 or visit

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