Abby Eaton

Hear firsthand how life changed for Abby once she began working at BCI.

"For people with disabilities, this is the one place that they don’t judge you … they accept you for who you are and don’t look at you any differently."

Marshall and Reid Krueger

Father and son talk about the importance of working as part of the BCI team. 

"We are completely thrilled everyday about Marshall having this opportunity and being able to make this choice. But more than anything, we’re thrilled that he’s thrilled all the time about working at BCI."

Lisa Elliot

A mother's insights on her son's employment at BCI.

"Kyle having a job at BCI makes me feel very proud of my son. I know he’s capable of great things. It’s just showing the community and everyone else that he is capable of having a great life and being a productive member of society."

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"Jacob knows what it’s like to be 'special,' but what he wants is to be normal. He works for BCI and is proud of his “factory job.” It gives him a regular routine. He gets up Monday through Friday to go to work. He has learned many skills and can be moved to multiple production lines as the company needs. Jacob loves his job because here is not 'special', he is normal."


"The employment opportunity that BCI has provided Megan, our daughter, continues to be one of the best life-altering, meaningful experiences for her. Megan's self-image and confidence has grown not only through her job-related responsibilities but from the relationships developed with her co-workers and supervisors."


"My name is Elizabeth and I really love working at BCI. I am proud of doing a good job assembling things that you and my mom and dad can buy. I love being with my friends every day and not just sitting at home. And I love getting a pay check for the work that I do."


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