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Transforming Lives by Transforming Spaces Project

BCI stands on the verge of our largest expansion since 2011. In serving our mission to grow employment opportunities for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities, we have embarked on a new project within our own walls. The plan calls for the creation of new production space in Building B to create 48 more job opportunities for those who are ready to go to work and make their mark. NAP Tax Credits are available. 

If you would like to learn more or are considering a gift, please reach out to Director of Development Kristin Williams at 636-875-5267 or CFO Cindy Bernsen at 636-875-5220. They would be glad to talk with you.

The Plan 

Production Space

Room to create new opportunities

The space that we are repurposing in Building B will  accommodate two large-scale production lines. At 75 feet in length, these new lines afford us the ability to run more intricate packaging work as we create opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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Birdeye View 3.png

Enhanced Lighting

The wattage to go from warehouse to work zone

Transforming warehouse space to a production floor requires increased lighting to avoid employee eye fatigue and headaches. Motion-sensor LED lights provide appropriate light for employees to do their work. Motion sensors reduce energy costs and provide an extra layer of security at night. From the new overhead lighting to the ambient light streaming in through the window and door, the new common room will be a welcoming and comfortable place for employees. 

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New Common Room

A comfortable space for lunches and breaks

We will build a new common room for the team to enjoy during lunches and breaks. Fully enclosed with a ceiling, the room features air-conditioning and protection from noise and dust infiltration. A new glass entry door with awning will offer direct access from the parking lot and provide daylight and views out. A kitchenette with commercial-grade refrigeration, tables, chairs, and cubbies to store personal belongings round out the space. 

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And More

Additional restrooms, upgraded HVAC, and new equipment 

Expanded restrooms accommodate the additional employees in the building. Existing single men’s and women’s restrooms double in size to allow multi-stall and -sink configurations.

Building upon the heating system installed in 2020, the phased addition of air-conditioning, beginning with the common room, makes the entire building fully climate controlled.

Capital investments in conveyors, a heat tunnel, compressor, and other new production equipment outfit the space to make it fully operational.

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