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It is with great difficulty that we announce we will not have the Wing Ding in 2020 because we are rethinking strategies related to our overall development goals. This all-encompassing fundraiser involves a tremendous amount of time and energy to create and, while we always are tremendously appreciative of our community's strong support for people with disabilities, we will take a break and hopefully return with a re-imagined event in 2021. Thank you, as always, for your support!

The BCI Wing Ding began in 1999 and has become a St. Charles County favorite. Featuring all-you-can-eat chicken wings and barbecue from some of our area’s best restaurants, awesome entertainment from Trixie Delight, and ice-cold beverages, the Wing Ding is held annually the third Thursday in June.

Known as the “biggest and best charity happy hour in town,” the Wing Ding raises awareness and money to provide and expand employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. 


2019: Big A's (People's Choice, Wings), Duke's BBQ Shack (People's Choice, BBQ), Brewskeez (Judges' Choice, Wings), & Duke's BBQ Shack (Judges' Choice, BBQ)

2018: Brewskeez (People's Choice) & Brewskeez (Judges' Choice)

2017: Tubby's (People's Choice) & 28/65 Brewhouse (Judges' Choice)

2016: Tubby's Pub & Grub (People's Choice)
2015: B. Halls (1st Place) & Big A's (People's Choice)
2014: Brewskeez (1st Place and People's Choice)
2013: Event cancelled due to weather
2012: Playoffs Sports Bar (1st Place) & Big A's (People's Choice)
2011: Quintessential Dining (1st Place) & B. Halls (People's Choice)
2010: Brewskeez (1st Place)
2009: Brewskeez (1st Place) & Ethyl's Smokehouse (People's Choice)
2008: Brewskeez (1st Place) & Ethyl's Smokehouse (People's Choice)

2007: Brewskeez & Ethyl's Smokehouse (co-winners, 1st Place)

2006: Brewskeez (1st Place) & Ethyl's Smokehouse (People's Choice)

2005: B. Halls (1st Place) & Ethyl's Smokehouse (People's Choice)

2004: R.T. Weiler's (1st Place) & Ethyl's Smokehouse (People's Choice)

2003: Ethyl's Smokehouse (1st Place) & Big A's (People's Choice)

2002: Ethyl's Smokehouse (1st Place) & Big A's (People's Choice)

2001: Big A's (People's Choice)

2000: Helen Fitzgerald's (1st Place)

1999: TGI Friday's (1st Place)

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